Care for the musculoskeletal system

A unique treatment program, based on years of experience and the work of our qualified team of medical professionals and physiotherapists! The individual programme from 5 nights is focused on the musculoskeletal system. Thanks to the initial medical examination, we target the treatment effectively to not only get rid of acute problems, but also teach you proper movement habits!

The package is suitable for anyone with chronic pain in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine, joint pain in arthrosis or arthritis, shoulder, elbow or small hand joint problems.

    Offer includes

    • Accommodation from 5 nights
    • Halfboard 
    • Entry examination by M.D. - consultation of problems, prescription of appropriate procedures
    • Treatment by nurse (24 hrs)
    • 2 spa treatments per day (the days of arrival and departure are not the days of treatment) such as physiotherapy, heat treatments (parafango, paraffin, pelotherm), active treatments (group exercises, pilates, aqua aerobics, aqua wallking, water exercises, nordic wallking, Oxy aktiv), peloid baths, magnetotherapy, interference currents, pneumopuncture, classical massage)
    • Possibility of dietary therapist advice
    • Free internet access in the room and in public areas
    • Free local transport ticket (Line No. 2)
    • Free entry in pool, whirlpool bath and sauna
    • Possibility of ordering other treatments with 10% discount at the reception
    • Price does not include city tax. It is subject to the regulations in force on the day of arrival
    Caution and other services


    • Please note that the package is only possible for persons older than 15 years. Children will be provided with board and lodging only. 
    • Because pregnancy is considered a contraindication pregnant women can choose only from a limited list of procedures. If you are or might be pregnant, please inform the staff about this fact beforehand.

    Other services:

    • hairdresser
    • manicure and pedicure
    • cosmetics 
    • possibility to order trips, Nordic Walking