Drinking cure

Karlovy Vary’s mineral water used for a drinking cure comes from 12 springs, each of them having a different temperature (43 to 72 ˚C) and the amount of gaseous carbon dioxide. Thermal water is drunk before meal, slowly one sip after another, ideally during a walk. A drinking cup contains 2 dl of water and should be drunk over a period of 3−10 minutes, while another cup should be drunk in 5−10 minutes at the earliest. The mineral springs found in Karlovy Vary contain 47 elements which our body needs – they have positive effects on the digestive tract, metabolism, gum diseases, overall health quality improvement and stronger immunity against genetic and everyday stress burdens. The procedures provided by the company Imperial Karlovy Vary use the mineral water obtained from the Hot Spring which is supplied directly to the company’s balneological center.

Contraindication: depending on a specific indication, on doctor’s prescription only