What We Treat - Indication of the spa treatment

In Spa Resort Sanssouci we pride ourselves on using the unique natural healing resources and on highly qualified staff.

The effects of the local healing resources have been proved by centuries and the quality of the mineral water has been constant throughout the centuries. The mineral water forms in the depth of 2500 metres underground, which results in its unique composition. That’s why the Carlsbad springs contain the majority of elements of the periodic table. Usually more than 40 elements vital for the human body are analysed.

Apart from healing resources, we also emphasise traditional procedures complemented by modern technology. Thanks to this combination we are able to help everyone who suffers from any of the Carlsbad treatment indications.


The complex Karlovy Vary treatment is designed for the ill suffering mainly from these problems:


  • Digestive tract diseases - Ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum, intestinal problems, conditions after surgery of the intestines, stomach, gallbladder, chronic diseases of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and intestines.
  • Metabolic diseases - Diabetes, obesity, fat metabolism malfunctions, gout
  • Kinetic apparatus diseases - Degenerative problems of the spine and large joints
  • Circulator system diseases - Natural carbonated mineral water, natural source of carbon dioxide, etc.
  • Oncologic diseases - Cancer of stomach, colon, recto sigma, rectum, anus, breast (after completion of a complex antitumor treatment without clinical signs of activity)
  • nervous diseases - Polyneuropathy, Radiculopathies with irritation syndrome, Central nervous system inflammation, Remission of multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular diseases, Syringomyelia, Poliomyelitis, Parkinson disease
  • Non-tuberculosis diseases of respiratory system - Natural sodium chloride mineral water, natural sodium bicarbonate mineral water, etc.


  • Acute infection and transmissible diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Dependency on alcohol
  • Dependency on addictive drugs
  • Cachexia of diverse etiology
  • Pregnancy
  • Hemophilic conditions
  • Serious mental disorders
  • Parasite diseases
  • Clinical signs of circulatory failure
  • Conditions following a deep venous thrombosis; conditions following superficial thrombophlebitis
  • Malignant tumors
  • Urinary and fecal incontinence

What determines quality of a spa treatment?

You are surely asking yourself how to discover the quality of a therapeutic facility, its treatment possibilities, and the quality level of its services. We offer a list of a few basic parameters which can guide you through the extensive and confusing variety of competitive treating facilities. At the same time, we guarantee that the recommendations stated below are an obligation which implicitly applies for the Imperial Group, and for the Hotel Imperial and Spa Resort Sanssouci.



The spa treatments in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) use water rising from 12 thermal springs. The individual springs differ from each other in their temperature and amount of gaseous CO2. The composition of the water of the individual springs or their curative power has not changed throughout the 650 years of treating. On the contrary, thanks to modern balneology, the curative effects of the springs are emphasized by the optimization of their use and completing the treatment with other supportive procedures.

The water from Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) springs is being prescribed for both internal and external use. It has beneficial effects mainly for:

  • Metabolism
  • Entire digestive tract
  • Paradenitis
  • Overall physical condition
  • Improvement of immunity, and
  • Prevention of civilization illnesses.

All the springs used for the drinking cure can be found on the five colonnades in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad).


  • Hadí pramen (The Snake's Spring) (30°C)
    It springs from a vase in the shape of a snake directly at the Orchard Colonnade since 2001. It contains less minerals then other springs, but a higher amount of CO2.
  • Sadový pramen (The Orchard Spring) (47,4°C)
    It was discovered in the second half of the 19th century while digging the foundations for the Military Spa Institute. Its original name was the Imperial Spring. It is accessible daily from 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the building of the Military Spa Institute next to the colonnade.
  • Pramen Svoboda (The Freedom Spring) (60°C)
    This spring was discovered in the second half of the 19th century during the construction of Spa III. Its first name was the Spa Spring, and then it was named by Franz Joseph I of Austria. The spring is located in a pavilion between the Spa III and the Mill Colonnade (Mlýnská kolonáda).


  • Skalní pramen (The Rock Spring) (53°C)
    Until the latter half of the 19th century, the spring rose directly in the Teplá River. Thanks to the terrain modifications, its spring vase is now located on the Mill Colonnade.
  • Pramen Libuše (The Libuše Spring) (62°C)
    The original name of the Libuše Spring was the Elisabeth’s Roses Spring. It was created by merging four smaller springs.
  • Pramen Kníže Václav I (The Prince Václav I. Spring) (65°C)
    Pramen Kníže Václav II (The Prince Václav II. Spring) (58°C)
    This spring was used for the production of the Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) curative salts. The Prince Václav Spring is divided into two springs. The Prince Václav I. Spring is located directly in between the columns of the Mill Colonnade. The prince Václav II. Spring springs in front of the colonnade, across from the orchestra pit.
  • Mlýnský pramen (The Mill Spring) (56°C)
    It has been used for spa therapy since the 16th century. Originally, it was only used for baths. In the past, you could buy the water from the Mill spring in almost every Czech pharmacy.
  • Pramen Rusalka (The Water Nymph Spring) (60°C)
    Since the 16th century to 1945, the spring was called the New Spring. Once the most popular spring, it even had its own colonnade the New Spring Colonnade. Later on, it was reconstructed and is now called the Mill Colonnade.


  • Pramen Tržní (The Market Spring) (62°C)
    This spring tortured the spa physicians by disappearing without any warning and then reappearing again. Thanks to a few “rescue” drillings, it continues to serve the spa patients.
  • Pramen Karla IV. (The Charles IV. Spring) (64°C)
    Maybe due to the curative abilities of this spring, Charles IV. founded Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). A relief placed above the spring reminds of the discovery of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)


  • Pramen Zámecký dolní (The Lower Chateau Spring) (55°C)
    Pramen Zámecký horní (The Upper Chateau Spring) (50°C)
    It is one spring divided into two spring vases. However, due to the higher altitude of the upper spring and due to physical laws, the Upper Chateau Spring has a different temperature and CO2 content than the lower spring. To get the water from the upper spring, one must run up a few steps. The Lower Chateaux springs was led to the Market Colonnade for the public.


  • Vřídlo (The Thermal Spring) (72°C)
    It is the only spring used for baths. However, it is also used for the drinking cure. There are a total of 5 outlets of the Thermal Spring’s water in the Thermal Spring Colonnade, with temperatures of 72, 57, and 41°C. The most potent spring in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) spews out on average 2000 liters of mineral water in one minute and the column of the Thermal Spring water is, thanks to the pressure, able to project up to 12 meters.

The Imperial Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) group is, with almost 20%, the biggest consumer of the thermal mineral water in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) for balneology use. The Thermal Spring is led directly to the Hotel Imperial and Spa Resort Sanssouci. It is used for the drinking cure as well as for other procedures.

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