Jan 22, 2019 Wellness news - Thai massages

Wellness news - Thai massages

THE PROCEDURE OF 2019: Thai massages


This year our clients can look forward to our new service: THAI MASSAGES!!!

They can choose from a broad range of massages which are 30 to 120 minutes long and cost from CZK 700.- to CZK 2.000.-.


During a Thai massage an experience therapist uses her fingers, palms, elbows and feet to press various points all over your body. She also uses a variety of stretching exercises which boost your life energy and lymphatic system and loosen your muscles and joints. The beneficial effects of these massages have been proven by centuries during which they have been improved to perfection.


Try the new procedure of this year 2019!

Book your massage at the reception desk of the Spa Villa Mercedes +420 353 207 540