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Spa Resort Sanssouci Reviews

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From: Hana K
Date of stay: May 29, 2017 (TripAdvisor)

"Perfect place for relaxation :-)"

We spent 2 nights in this beautiful hotel and we enjoyed it a lot...everything is awesome there...staff,location(just 10minutes walk to centre of Karlovy Vary),wellness...we had great massage treatments...and food is very good :-)


From: Hanna
Date of stay: December 28, 2015 (TripAdvisor)

“very good”

The great hotel, delicious food, good prices. I was in this hotel 5 times. I like the "Regeneration" program. If you take the procedures, free parking. The hotel offered an excellent free Christmas dinner.


From: Jack Gasparyan (USA)
Date of stay: March 16, 2015 (

I stayed 4 weeks during the off season to address a variety of health concerns, and by the time I completed my treatment I felt like a new person.  The accommodations were very comfortable and clean; the staff was excellent, very polite and always available to assist; the food buffet offered tremendous variety and everything was delicious;  all treatment personnel nice and helpful.  The price was exceptional for the quality of services that I received.  I want to extend my special thanks to reservations manager Dana who made all the necessary arrangements and to Dr. Mikhailovsky who was very attentive to my needs and did everything to make sure that my health was much improved when I left the resort.  Although Karlovy Vary is a great distance from Los Angeles, I want to return every year

From: Anna P. (Czech Republic)
Date of stay: January 30, 2015 (TripAdvisor)

The hotel is excellent, located within a longer walk from the city centre but there is a bus stop nearby. Everything was clean and perfectly serviceable and the staff was amazing. We got a thorough welcome instruction on where and what is included in our spa package, we were introduced to the restaurant offer in a similar fashion. There is a big swimming pool, jacuzzi, a steam bath and a sauna available every afternoon until late evening plus all day at weekends. The food was tasty, although it was a choice of several meats and side dishes rather than complete meals but there were a lot of vegetables, fruit, salads and free juices for dinner. Spa procedures are also very professional and in a clean and modern environment. We had a visit from friends with a small child and they opened the child playroom just for us, which was very nice.