Let us introduce you to a new package: RLP | Respiratory spa care

Look with us for the participants in the internal study, who underwent our spa treatment after a respiratory illness and their evaluation.

RSC | Respiratory spa care

This unique treatment was developed on the basis of our many years of experience in the field of spa and physiotherapy. Thanks to special technology, our qualified medical staff will help you to relax your breathing muscles and teach you the right breathing technique. With suitable spa procedures, we will support your natural immunity and relieve you of the feeling of fatigue. In October 2020, we did an internal study, headed by Dr. Franková, in a carefully selected group of clients with a respiratory illness (COVID-19). The study showed that during a relatively short treatment, we achieved a significant improvement in the patient's health, both measurable and subjective. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, we have prepared the most effective therapy that will help you with convalescence and get you back in shape.


  • accommodation (min. 6 nights, we recommend 12 nights)
  • half board (with the option to purchase full board)
  • possibility of consultation with a nutritional therapist individual entry and exit medical examination
  • 4 procedures/day according to the doctor's recommendation incl. 1h in hyperbaric chamber/person/stay (in case of contraindications - e.g. chronic rhinitis, fear of confined spaces - an alternative will be provided)
  • vitamin treatment B, D, and infusion of vitamin C
  • 1.5 l of Magnesia mineral water daily
  • 14-day individual rehabilitation plan at the end of the stay
  • access to the wellness center (swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool)

The effect of our treatment - proven by a study

An internal study showed an improvement in the health status of post-covid patients and enabling their faster return to active life. We observed a significant improvement in FVC, which is the forced vital capacity, and FEV1, which is the volume of hard exhaled air per second. In FVC there was an increase of 11.3% in the monitored group, in FEV1 there was an improvement of 12.56%.

As far as subjective difficulties, breathing difficulties, pain in the thoracic spine and chest, reduced performance, and the associated mental imbalance prevailed among the members of the study group. They experienced the greatest relief in breathing and the mental condition. They breathe better, severe pain in the chest has subsided, their sleep has improved and, most importantly, their physical condition has improved as well.

"As we are innovators of modern balneology, we wanted to improve the above results even more. At the initiative of our doctors, we are newly performing this treatment with the help of ahyperbaric chamber, which we purchased based on the results of this study. It is an absolutelyunique piece of equipment within the spa operation. "

Ing. Alexandr Rebjonok, PhD.,

CEO of Imperial Karlovy Vary, as

Reservation of the package

How to book this package?

  • Through our reservation system.

Through our reservation system, you can find both the price for 2 people with a respiratory package and in the next step, you can change the program of the accompanying person to another package and thus reduce the price of your stay. At the same time, we can immediately apply a discount of CZK 4,000 per person to your reservation.

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